About Helen


Helen holds the following qualifications
Psychic Medium/Master/Teacher Degree Reiki, Diploma Crystal Healing, Diploma Colour Healing, Certified Practitioner Crystal Healing, Theta Practitioner and Certified  Level 3 Pranic Healing



Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been attracted to things to do with spiritually and health and wellness, whether it was crystals, angels, or books on spiritually and health and wellness. Whenever I visited a new age shop, I’d always felt at home there, spending hours looking at the books, crystals and any other items that they had on displayed there. I still do feel at home visiting those places.  

Realizing as a child, that I was able to connect to the other side and was able to talk to my guides, I had a sense of my spiritually from  early on and always felt a connection with my spiritually, it was something that has never left me.  My Grandmother  who was also a Psychic Medium and even though she died before I was born, I was always fascinated by the stories that I was told about her. 

I begin developing as a Psychic Medium 12 years ago and have attended many spiritual circles and development classes, the first one that I ever attended in the UK, I was able to pick up so much about that person, that my teacher told my that I had a “special gift.” From that day on I knew that this was what I was meant to be doing and have since then attended many spiritual circles and development classes to develop my Psychic Medium skills further which continues to this day. 

Spiritual healing are also my passion and I have undertaking studying in various courses; Crystal healing,Usui Reiki as a Reiki Master,Pranic healing and Theta healing, and I enjoy helping others to heal on all levels. They always say, once you discover your life path, the universe makes the adjustment to support you and to ensure that it’s a smooth journey for you. 

 I currently do private Psychic Medium readings, private healing, and often I offer my services at “Psychic dinners” and Spiritual Events throughout the year. I also run my own psychic and spiritual development circle.