Crystal stones should be cleansed and charged before use. Preferences for this process can range from Smudging, to bathing them in moonlight or burying them in the backyard (just remember where you have buried them).

When using crystals to balance and heal, it can take time before symptoms of imbalance completely subside.

Amethyst crystal is a stone of spirituality and contentment, it bestows stability, strength and inner peace. It is a great stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities with its calming and peaceful energy.

Amethyst provides clarity and enhances conscious perception and understanding.

Healing: Assists in calming the mind, reduces insomnia and allows restful sleep, reduces stress, eases headaches, helps with hormone production, strengthens the immune system, cleansing organs and respiratory system, reduces bruising and swelling. Assists in the function of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Chakras: Third eye and Crown


News for November 2017

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