Welcome to 2018…..


I hope that everyone has enjoyed the festive season and welcome to 2018.

This is the time to start to declutter unwanted items from your life…start by decluttering your home, begin with one room at a time, maybe start in the bedroom and start to throw out unwanted clothes, check to see if they can be given to charity, friends or if they are unable to be recycled, simply throw them out. Complete one room at a time, it may take a few weekends to achieve your task, by decluttering our homes, we are letting go of unwanted negative energy that no longer serves us and we can then let in new positive energy, which will lift our vibrations and help bring into our lives the good things that we desire.


Specials for January 2018……


Start the new year by having a tarot card reading….card reading for Janaury for just $80.00, please email me for details…..

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